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A3 Pulse Oximeter – Yellow

The A3 Pulse Oximeter includes:

  • Clear, easy to read OLED display with 6 modes, 4 display directions, and brightness control
  • Accurate, reliable, and dependable measurement of blood oxygen, SpO2, and heart rate
  • Easy to use – one-button operation and up to 30 hours continuous running. Pocket-sized and lightweight (less than 80g with batteries in) – use discretely any time and anywhere
  • CE Certified. Conforms to UK and EC Medical Safety Requirements. (Medical Directive 93/94/EEC) CE 0123


A pocket-sized device which fits onto an adult finger (also suitable for children from 4 years upwards) and measures blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate which are clearly displayed on a color OLED screen.
With 4 display directions, brightness control, Sp02 and heart pulse rate displays, heart rate waveform and bar graph display the oximeter is easy to read.
Suitable for use at home or by healthcare professionals.

The A3 Pulse Oximeter is battery-operated, accurate, convenient, and easy to use allowing you to monitor blood oxygen levels quickly, discretely, and painlessly wherever you are, whenever you wish. Working on the principle that oxygenated blood is a different color from de-oxygenated blood, the oximeter uses red and infrared light to compare the ratio of oxygenated to de-oxygenated blood giving a highly accurate measure of the oxygen saturation percentage of the blood.

Running off 2 x AAA Duracell batteries (not included) Automatic switch-off after 5 seconds of inactivity to save power, and a running life of 30 hours of continuous operation this device could not be more long-lived and reliable.
The battery low indicator means you have plenty of warnings to replace the batteries.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) regn code no 136606/ certified by FDA in the USA and CE, TUV in Europe.

Please consult your GP before using medical devices for diagnosis purposes.

You need to be aware of the parameters of use of the device as outlined fully in the instructions, eg. it is not suitable for use during sporting activity. Note that this device is not designed for continuous monitoring.

Available online and in-store at Truwellness Centre

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