AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)


1 x capsule (dispenser for medication)

1 x mouthpiece,

1 x tubing

(for those patients who already have a nebulizer at home)


The AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) produces aerosol in response to the inspiratory flow of the patient. This on-demand patient therapy leads to less medication waste, higher drug delivery efficiency and safer working environments. By combining the benefits of breath actuation and superior aerosol particle size, AeroEclipse II BAN delivers the most effective respirable dose of the industry. Supported by clinical evidence, AeroEclipse II BAN provides approved dosing protocols throughout the hospital and for all patient populations.

Why choose The AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)?

  • Proprietary one-way valve
  • Breath Actuated Technology
  • Green Biofeedback Button
  • Built-in mode selector


  • Delivers a high respirable dose and an optimal particle size to reach the therapeutically important lung areas
  • Proprietary one-way valve provides protection to family members and clinicians against dangerous secondhand aerosols, which may carry harmful viruses
  • Breath Actuated Technology maintains available drugs during the exhalation phase and breaks in treatment to protect against costly repeat therapies and drug loss to the environment
  • Green Biofeedback Button provides visual confirmation of actuation and inhalation, thereby encouraging proper breathing technique
  • Built-in mode selector allows for convenient and easy operation either in breath-actuated or continuous mode
  • Monaghan AeroEclipse accommodates a wide range of patient breathing patterns including changing Inhalation: Exhalation ratios to avoid potential under-dosing as compared to continuously operating nebulizers
  • AeroControl System Regulator activates at 15 lpm of inspiratory pressure to meet a wide range of patient population needs
  • Nebulizer Mouthpiece can be removed and replaced with three sizes of disposable or reusable ComfortSeal Masks
  • Optional elbow adapter can be used to accommodate any standard mask
  • Ideal for short-term acute applications
  • Single patient use and disposable


AeroEclipse II BAN Parts Description


  • Breath Actuated Technology
  • Consistent respirable dose
  • Protection from secondhand aerosols
  • Virtually no drug lost to the environment
  • Efficient treatment times
  • Minimal medication waste
  • Reduced ER length of stay and admission rates
  • One-way exhalation valve virtually eliminates the mixing of inspirate and expirate
  • Air entrainment through the back of the Nebulizer conditions the aerosol and improves delivery to fine particle mass
  • Fill lines provide accurate drug measurements from 0.5 – 6ml
  • Clarified polypropylene allows easy visualization of molded-in fill lines
  • Ergonomic size and sharp fit comfortable in the hand
  • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, DEHP, or lead
  • User-friendly EZ Twist Tubing has a sturdy grip for easy assembly and removal

What to buy with AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)?

  • Bluechip Hospital Patient Allergy Proof Pillow
  • AIRFREE IRIS 3000 Filterless Air Purifier
  • Precision Medical EasyVac Aspirator

How to Set Up AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)?

Setting Up Nebulizer
To Remove:

  • Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise.
  • Place prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup (max fill volume = 6 mL).
Setting Up Nebulizer
To Reattach:

  • Align the top assembly with the stem in the bottom of the nebulizer.
  • Rotate 45 degrees clockwise.

How to use Breath Actuated Nebulizer?

  • Close your lips completely over the mouthpiece and do not cover the valve on the bottom of the mouthpiece.
  • If using a mask, fit the mask tightly against your face.
  • Take slow, deep breaths; try to hold each breath for 3-5 seconds.
  • The green button on the top of the AeroEclipse II BAN will go down when you breathe in and will go up when you breathe out.
  • Be sure to also follow any additional instructions your healthcare provider prescribes.
  • The AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) can be used for seven days.

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