Agave Pre and Prebiotic 90 capsules



For the first week: 1 capsule once a day

For the second week: 2 capsules once a day

From the third week onwards: 3 capsules once a day


100% organically grown agave fibre

Nutritional Information per vegan vegecap:

  • Total Organic Fibre    50%
  • Soluble Fibre              29%
  • Insoluble Fibre            21%
  • Inulin                          24.4%
  • Calcium                      1.9%
  • Fat                              1.24%
  • Iron                             0.05%
  • Magnesium                 1.7%
  • Phosphate                   0.12%
  • Protein                        3.7%
  • Vitamin A, D and E   16.87%
  • Zinc                            0.02%

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A Proudly South African product – pioneered by Agave Health Fibre

  • Each Vegecap contains 750mg of pure Agave fibre.
  • 90 Vegecaps
  • A first of its kind
  • Grown organically in the Klein Karoo
  • Harvested and processed in a short time
  • Dehydrated under low heat to ensure quality is retained
  • Nothing else added and nothing taken away
  • Vegan cellulose capsules

After years of research and hard work, Agave Health Fibres set up their farm and factory in the Klein Karoo where they pioneered the use of agave fibres as a health supplement.

The benefits of Agave Fibre

A healthy digestive system determines optimal health, and our digestive system needs a sufficient intake of dietary fibre, namely the soluble as well as insoluble components, in order to obtain and maintain optimal health.

The modern “western” diets are greatly lacking in fibre rich foods, and the colon and gut have been much neglected organs until recently. New findings and research have revealed how important our gut health is, nicknaming the gut the “second brain” because it is so vital in the functions of our bodies. It is the place where digestion takes place through bacterial fermentation and importantly where 70% of the body’s immune system has its seat.

Increased intake of organic plant fibre helps our bodies greatly, as they feed the positive bacteria in the colon and cleans the intestinal canal of waste. Agave fibre contains soluble and insoluble fibres, and the soluble fibre is made up of 24.4 % inulin – this is a combination unique to agave fibres.

Insoluble Fibres – The main function of insoluble fibre, which is indigestible, is that it cleans the entire digestive system of any waste material which ensures optimal absorption of nutrients in the duodenum and colon.

Soluble Fibres – These fibres are soluble in water and move through the intestine indigestible until reaching the colon where inulin is then fermented by the positive friendly bacteria, biofidium and lactobacillus species into short chain fatty acids of propinate, buterate and acedic, which are very important nutrients for cells of the inner layer of the colon which in return prevent the negative bacteria like E-coli and salmonella and their negative poisons, to enter the bloodstream.

Increasing your intake of organic fibres with Agave Health Fibre could benefit the immune system, Cholesterol, energy levels, concentration, stress levels, Diabetics, those with any bowel disease or digestive issues, muscular and joint pains, Osteoporosis, mineral and vitamin absorption, inflammation, poor colon health, wounds and infections, quality of hair, nails and skin, positive bacteria in the colon, bloating, digestion, bowel PH, bladder infections, acne, general physical and mental health.

Research results where the intake of inulin, a soluble fibre, showed the following health reactions:

1. Stimulation of the immune system.

2. Lowering cholesterol levels.

3. Disappearance of stomach aches and bloatedness.

4. Alleviation of pain in muscles and joints.

5. Prevention of osteoporosis as a result of the stimulation in the assimilation of calcium and magnesium.

6. Healing of wounds and infections as a result of the anti-inflammatory effect.

7. More energy.

8. Improvement in the quality of hair, nails and skin.

9. Increased and easier movement of the bowels.

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