KN95 Masks – Box of 10


10 x KN95 masks

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Box of KN95 Masks

Why not get a Box of KN95 Masks with 10 masks instead of having to buy a new one each time you forget to take yours with? N95 and KN95 respirator masks are the same. Both masks are rated to capture 95% of tiny particles (0.3 micron particles, to be exact). Since N95 and KN95 masks are rated to capture 95% of 0.3 micron particles, people will often assume that masks can’t capture particles smaller than 0.3 microns.

The CDC reports that prolonged N95 mask use (including between patients) can be safe for up to 8 hours, and encourages each user to review each manufacturer’s recommendations prior to following this strategy. Current guidelines encourage wearing a face shield over the N95 to decrease the chances of soiling the mask.

It is advised to place the mask in the microwave to steam clean for 3 minutes to disinfect every day.

Get your online or in-store at Truwellness Centre in Somerset West.

We also sell packs of 2 masks here.


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