Colloidal Silver 1L

Colloidal Silver 1L is the Universal Remedy * anti-bacterial * anti-viral * anti-fungal *for all infections / cuts / burns / open wounds / ear and eye infections

Most people use colloidal silver to heal internal infections such as cold, flu, and food poisoning or topical infections such as infected boils, cuts or even MRSA infections.  plus, it works great for resolving earaches, eye infections, sinus infections, tooth infections, bothersome skin conditions and much more.

Colloidal Silver A great success in the time of the Covid panic

“Hello everyone!!! I survived Covid Thanks to my bodyguard, colloidal silver.

I took 5mls everyone hour, and took loads of warm water…

When the virus had left my body, I was left very tired, and my body was painful but weird that my body was never weak…. I took this could be the effect of the body intense fight against the virus…I fully recovered in five days…

I realized and was amazed that colloidal silver killed the cough on the first day … On the second day, a big headache was there but also vanished with sunset, my throat symptoms never moved too far because immediately after I got the throat, I took colloidal silver…

On the first day, the problem was my heart, as if something heavy is pressing my chest …though I could breathe the pain felt like a hospital case, but hey that’s the moment where I began to set my alarm to never miss my hourly remedy …” Details provided 27.6.21

Colloidal silver: Trace elements exist even in distilled water, and when the charged silver particles combine with a specific trace element, the solution can turn one of several colors, like gray, yellow, green, or brown.  The element the silver chooses is largely irrelevant

Benefits of colloidal silver

Zero toxicity.   The body’s ability to process the tiny atoms of colloidal silver makes silver build-up in the body impossible.  The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports a “No Toxicity” listing for colloidal silver.  In fact, it appears that harmlessness is one of the attributes of the colloidal state, regardless of content.

Since the body has a vital need for silver – to maintain the immune system and to produce new, healthy cells – and since our blood is also a colloid, the harmonious way in which colloids enter the body may well make colloidal silver the safest medicine on earth

One product for a multitude of applications:  * A sip a day straight from the bottle is best! *


Not to be refrigerated.   Best stored in a cool cupboard, out of direct light

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Available Online and in-store at Truwellness Centre in Somerset West.

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