Evolve from lack of self-love




Stop searching for that one person to change your life, look in the mirror you are that person.

-Tania Sutherland

Are we limiting ourselves from living a full happy life sometimes it could be years of being in an continual cycle of repeating same behavioural patterns and perceptions of our lives, yet not growing.  And in an instant this can all change, realisation, an identity mindset shift, something you saw or heard someone say, that suddenly, as if somehow a switch just came on, a conscious awareness shift that you totally resonate with, as if it was a voice or message, a cosmic download from the universe/God, or your Higher self, whispering or even shouting at you!

To stop and see the bigger picture of your future self, you decide at this moment you are going to start your life transformation journey by being more self-aware, with daily intentions to truly loving yourself, acknowledging your authentic self, creating your masterpiece.

I would like this book to be that whisper or that “shout out” from the universe, to touch your heart, to shift and to awaken your conscious awareness to actually seeing yourself, your patterns that have been holding you back, staying stuck or frozen in time.

I knew I was not alone in this journey carrying trauma, staying in a stuck state of existence or just repeating the cycle over and over – a deeper calling encouraged me to start writing these series, to create conscious awareness into self-identity shifts from victim mode transformation to victory mode.

Be prepared, this is not an easy journey. You are going to get totally pissed off with me at some points or maybe throughout the entire duration of this transformation journey.

You’re going to want to give up, but I have your back take a moment, then start again but becoming a masterpiece and chiselling away the rough and sharp edges means you going to break a manicured nail or two, have the hammer fall on your gel toenails.

But wait, the end result is going to be a red carpet event.



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