Hand Held Nebulizer Mist Spray


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Hand Held Nebulizer Mist Spray

The Hand Held Nebulizer (Mist Sprayer) makes your skin full of elasticity and moisture with ultra-high speed vibration technology named “Super Long Wave” providing your skin best moisturizers and allowing the skin to be easily absorbed to receive several nutritions from mineral water.
The most stylish slider Mist sprayer with a Supercluster size that is 10 times smaller than ordinary spray.

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30 ml Watertank Capacity
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Ultrasonic Vibration Technology

Product Name: Mist Sprayer
Model: W-7 18B
Spray amount of: 1.25-1.4/minutes
Heavy: 51g
Packing list: Facial Mist Sprayer,
USB Cable.
Water Tank.
Spray Hole.
ON/OFF Button.
USB Charging Hole.

  • Charging: USB charging hole is on the bottom of the device, keep charging for no more than 3 hours.
  • Add Water: Rotate to open the water tank, filling it with mineral water, and then rotate to close the water tank.
  • ON/OFF Button: Press the ON/OFF button one time to turn it on, and press it again to turn it off.

Note: It will show blue light during spraying, show red light during charging, and turn off the light automatically when fully charged.

Hydrating, Calm makeup, Moisturizing.
Mist Sprayer – Using atomization technology with super water replenishing ability effectively penetrates the deep skin and absorbs moisture.

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