Hoodia Tea





Hoodia Tea is the easiest way to assist in suppressing your appetite and managing your weight loss program.  Simply add a few drops to hot water and you will have control over your cravings.


This Hoodia tea is 50% Hoodia and 50% Redbush Rooibos Tea

100% pure directly from the Western Cape farms in South Africa.


Hoodia Gordonii is the new exciting hunger suppressant to give you control of your craving and effectively manage your weight loss program.
In 1937, a Dutch anthropologist studying the San indigenous people in the Kalahari desert near what is now the South Africa-Namibia border noted that they sucked on the Hoodia plant as a hunger suppressant and thirst quencher. These bushmen did not eat on their two to three day hunts; instead, they munched on the stem of this succulent to suppress their hunger and thirst. The San people known for their survival skills, rock art, trance-dancing and mystic symbiosis with their semi-desert or savannah environment can trace their heritage back some 27,000 years on the basis of rock paintings drawn by their ancestors.


Three decades ago, South African scientists at a government lab called the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research began studying the Hoodia Gordonii plant and noticed that lab animals eating this plant lost weight, but otherwise did well. The Hoodia Gordonii plant is a succulent that grows throughout the semi-arid areas of Southern Africa. It can grow up to six feet tall. It has large, beautiful flowers, but the flowers Extracts from this succulent have been studied in clinical trials. These studies have shown that obese subjects can reduce their caloric intake by 50% to 40%. Significant weight loss has resulted from such a drop in caloric intake.

At least one major pharmaceutical company is pursuing intensive studies on this plant. This major company has already invested millions in acquiring a major supply of this plant. It hopes to market a natural product extracted from this plant to treat the epidemic of obesity seen around the world.


Natural hunger suppressant
100% Pure, no additives
Lose weight easily
Safe and easy to use
Reduce caloric intake


6 – 10 drops into hot water or as adjust to suit taste

Formulated by a qualified registered herbalist.


Consult your physician if pregnant, lactating or being treated for any chronic illness.

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