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Manna Low GI Shake – Chocolate

Manna Low GI Shake is a great meal replacement, high in fibre, natural and organic.  Our shake is formulated to allow you to skip a meal without losing the needed nutrients and energy. It also helps manage your blood sugar levels.

It has the following benefits,

High in fibre
Low GI
Stops Cravings
High Enough Nutritional Value, when taken with milk, to be regarded as a Meal Replacement
The only shakes which contain Essential Sugars (“Glyco-Nutrients”)
Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free
Provides Energy, without Fattening
Helps to Control Blood Sugar Levels
Organic & Natural
Help to lower high blood pressure
Help to lower high cholesterol
Organic and Natural
High in Fibre
Diabetic Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly


Add 1 level measuring scoop (±32g) of Manna Shake powder in a shaker or blender with a cup (250ml) of non-fat or skimmed milk (or water).
Use the Manna Shake to replace 1 to 2 meals per day and you will see the results after day 1.

How to take it

The SHAKE can be used as a meal replacement or a snack replacement, served with milk or water. The SHAKE powder can also be mixed into yoghurt (preferably Bulgarian yoghurt) or you can make a smoothie with it.

Use the Manna Shake to replace 1 to 2 meals per day and you will see the results after a week.
You can add fruit to the mix to make a smoothie if you require a larger meal, but try to stick to a basic shake for the ultimate result.
This shake is ideal for people on a diet and for sportsmen alike, who need to maintain energy levels and control their blood glucose levels.
For a complete meal, take 1 fruit of choice with the shake.
Effective as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Use the Shake to replace some of meals in the Manna Diet eBook’s menu plan for successful weight control.

How does it work?

When you take the shake with milk or water as a meal replacement or as a meal snack, the sugars from the Mesquite pods, combined with the soluble and insoluble fibers help to retard the uptake of glucose from the food to the bloodstream. Also, these sugars work holistically in the body to provide increased energy and prolonged stamina.

The rest of the Manna Shake ingredients help to regulate blood sugar levels, help to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

The Inulin (a prebiotic) and Guar Gum, together with the fiber of the non-GMO Oats and Prosopis is excellent for digestive health and to promote normal bowel movement.

The shake is high in Calcium to promote heart health and help to increase bone density.

Further Information
Who can use it?

Anybody and everybody form the age of 2 years.  The Shakes are excellent for:

  • Diabetics
  • People with Insulin Resistance
  • Pregnant and Breastfeeding women
  • Weight loss
  • Sportsmen (especially endurance athletes, cyclist, rowers, etc.)
  • Fantastic when hiking
  • Children

Note: Please check ingredients if you have food allergies

How safe is it?

All the ingredients in the Manna Shakes are regarded as food and 100% safe to use as a snack or a meal replacement when taking with milk or milk substitutes.

Can I use it in conjunction with my current medication?

Yes, as the Manna Shakes are regarded as food, you can take it with any medicine. However, if you diabetic, you need to check your blood sugar levels, because the levels can drop too low if you use the shake with your diabetic medication.

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