Truwellness Men’s Gift Box Trio – Rosemary, Garlic & Chilli



Mens Gift Box Trio Oils
250ml Chilli flavoured grapeseed oil
250ml Garlic flavoured olive oil
250ml Rosemary flavoured grapeseed oil

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed & Deoderized
No pungent taste or flavour
No artificial flavourants
PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons removed known to cause cancer
After deodorization,the oil has a significantly higher Smoke point
Before 108˚ C after deodorization 240˚ C.

This is a pure Grape Seed Oil with a Chilli and Rosemary flavour for a great taste to food.

Grape Seed Oil’s best attributes is it’s health-promoting properties. This oil offers a high level of Vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant, one of the lowest levels of saturated fat and the highest levels unsaturated fat. High in linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acids that the body needs, but can’t produce. Grape Seed Oil has a high smoking point (that is the point at which heated oil becomes harmful to consume) of 242℃ and is therefore ideal for cooking, deep frying, grilling, stir-fry, braaing, baking or over salads. Grape Seed Oil has good emulsifying properties and is ideal for whipping up home made mayonaise, works well in salad dressings and is a delightful addition to marinades. This is pure Grape Seed Oil with a Rosemary flavour for great taste to food.  Pure cold pressed and naturally deoderized grape seed oil.


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