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The formulation of T-Boost can be beneficial to all men over the age of 40, but younger men can also use it if they struggle with libido and erectile problems.
T-Boost can help to increase erection and libido, promote prostate and bladder health. Olive leaf extracts and their oleuropein constituents are best known for their blood pressure-lowering effects, but a side effect is an increased libido. Saw Palmetto helps to increase testosterone and Siberian Ginseng helps to increase energy.

Helps to increase testosterone levels in the most natural way, without side effects
Helps to improve cardio vascular health
Improve immune function
Assists in prostatic health and bladder problems
Helps to combat fatigue and increase energy levels
Helps to increase erection and libido

Dosage:  It depends on the severity of the erectile dysfunction/libido problem. We recommend 2 capsules each day, but you can start with 4 capsules with breakfast for the first week.

Normal dosage is 2 capsules with breakfast.

Safety:  T-Boost formulation is regarded as safe, but when you are on medication for high blood pressure or cholesterol medication, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before starting with this supplement.
T-Boost can be used in conjunction with other medication, but it is advisable to talk to your doctor before using the supplement with your medication.

Olive Leaf Extract (Olea europaea (oleuropein) – 20%)
Olive leaf extracts and their oleuropein constituents are best known for their blood pressure-lowering effects, but the latest studies reveal their health benefits extend well beyond that. Additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties offer promise in fighting atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and even arthritis.
An amazing side effect of oleuropein is an increased libido, which could be very good news for all men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens fructus extract)
The main action of this herb is to block 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting dwindling levels of available testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), another androgen hormone that signals hair follicles to enter into a state of permanent rest.

DHT also triggers inflammation and cell proliferation in the prostate, events that compound in saw palmetto counter with the inhibition of DHT as well as the enzymes COX-2 and 5-lipoxygenase.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus extract)
Siberian ginseng is a plant used throughout history in China and Russia. As a herbal remedy, the root of Siberian ginseng is known to stimulate the immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Additional Information:

What is low Testosterone:
Testosterone isn’t the only fuel for a man’s sex drive and performance. But low testosterone can reduce your ability to have satisfying sex. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can result from low testosterone.

If low testosterone is the cause, treating it can help. Researchers haven’t unravelled the mystery of just how testosterone increases libido. It’s normal for a man’s sex drive too slowly decline from its peak in his teens and 20s, but libido varies widely among men. What one man might consider a low sex drive, another might not.

Also, sex drive changes within each man over time and is affected by stress, sleep, and opportunities for sex. For these reasons, defining a “normal” sex drive is next to impossible.

Usually, the man himself identifies a lack of sex drive as a problem. Other times, his partner may consider it to be an issue.

Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction
Surprisingly, low testosterone by itself rarely causes erectile dysfunction, or ED. Low testosterone alone – with no other health problems – accounts for a small minority of men with erectile dysfunction.

Erection problems are usually caused by atherosclerosis – hardening of the arteries. If damaged, the tiny blood vessels supplying the penis can no longer dilate to bring in the strong flow needed for a firm erection. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are the three main causes of atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

At the same time, low testosterone is a frequent accomplice to atherosclerosis in creating erectile dysfunction. In studies, as many as one in three men mentioning ED to their doctor have low testosterone. Experts believe that in men with other factors causing erectile dysfunction, low testosterone can strongly contribute, making a difficult situation even worse.

Strengthening the connection, low testosterone is linked in some way with many of the conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction:

  • Metabolic syndrome (Insulin Resistance)
  • Obesity
  • Endothelial dysfunction
  • Diabetes

Although low testosterone isn’t known to cause them, the associations between other medical conditions and low testosterone can be significant.

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