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Truwellness Diatomaceous Earth – 200g

This is the best detox powder on the planet, flushing out the digestive track, great for bones, cartilage, ligaments, hair, skin and nails, controls cholesterol and helps reduce body fat…. read on to find out more…

The word “diatomaceous” comes from the root word “diatom”, which is a single-celled organism.  Truwellness Diatomaceous Earth forms over a long period of time as millions of these organisms fossilize in lake beds. These lake beds then dry up, exposing the sedimentary deposit that we call diatomaceous earth.
Diatomaceous earth is an amazing, multi-purpose remedy that helps us get rid of all sorts of nasty toxins and unwelcome pests. DE is a soft, silica-based rock powder made from fossilized marine algae known as diatoms, and contains a number of beneficial trace minerals. It has a long list of wonderful uses for people and pets alike.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is safely edible, and works in the following ways;

  • Flushes out the digestive tract, removing parasites and toxins;
  • Natural detox treatment;
  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • Controls cholesterol;
  • Dissolve excess weight;
  • Helps with constipation (drink lots of water after taking DE)
  • Relief from arthritis pain;
  • Increased collagen production, which leads to healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Increase in energy;
  • More regular bowel movements;
  • Silica is great for bones, arteries, cartilage, ligaments, musculature, collagen, and tendon health. It helps to get deep into the tissues to eliminate stored toxins in our cells so it is very important for detoxification (especially heavy metals like aluminium, mercury and uranium!). Silica also has a role in heart health, energy production, and tissue healing
  • Smoother complexion; Anti-ageing mineral
  • Sinus and cough relief;
  • Superb immune booster
  • Absorbs drug deposits, infections and heavy metals and eliminates them from the gut
  • Absorbs bacteria and eliminates them from the gut
Recommend dosage:

Starting with a single teaspoon a day. Simply mix it with a glass of water.
After 1 -2 weeks you can build up to a tablespoon a day if you wish to increase the effects.  Take away from food and supplements.

Taking DE is generally more effective when done separately from other foods. When taken with food, the absorptive properties of DE are used to take in the nutrients of the food, rather than any toxins in your body. This lessens the effect of both the diatomaceous earth and your meal.


The reason why DE is an effective supplement is that there is more silica added to the body. Doing this allows your body to assist your digestive system, to digest the things that need to be digested. Your digestive system, sometime doesn’t run within full capacity. The DE boosts your digestive system and allows the system to do its job more effectively.

Heavy metals that can be present in your body, are absorbed through the power of silica. Silica can easily absorb all the nasty stuff within your body.

One thing that DE excels at, is that it cleans the body better than bentonite clay. DE is extremely effective at providing deep cleansing to the body. This means all the toxins and poisons will be flushed out more thoroughly and deeply.

This is why people who take DE, report having more energy, increased mood, losing weight, feeling great, increased reflexes, better memory, clarity of thought, and so much more.

Available Online and in-store at Truwellness Centre in Somerset West.

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