Truwellness Eliminate Worms & Parasites – 120 caps



Truwellness Eliminate Worms and Parasites (120 capsules)

Truwellness Eliminate Worms & Parasites is used to rid the body of worms and parasites and is also found helpful for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
A parasite is an organism that lives on another organism. Parasites living inside the human body will feed off our cells, our energy, off the food we eat, even off the supplements we take. Parasites have invaded our bodies and many diseases that are found today are merely symptoms of infestations of microscopic viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi, protozoa, fluke and worms.

When attending to sick animals, a veterinary surgeon will often facilitate the healing process by starting with a de-worming / anti-parasite program.  Ironically, that’s usually the very last consideration for human healing, yet the very first place one should start.

There are over 3000 varieties of parasites that fall into one of 4 categories:

Tapeworms –  up to 12 meters in length in the intestinal tract; infected from beef and pork.
Roundworms or Threadworms –  from 0,2 cm to 35 cm long in the intestinal tract, lymphatic vessels, pancreas, heart, lungs, liver, or body cavities.
Protozoa –  microscopic single-celled parasites in the bloodstream and migrate to all body parts.
Flukes – from 1 cm to 2,5 cm, travel through the tissues to the liver, kidneys, lungs, or intestinal tract. ­

­Parasites can mimic other disorders and/or produce no noticeable symptoms.  The following can be symptoms of parasite infestation:
– Irritability / Nervousness
– Low-grade fever
– Brain for
– Overall fatigue
– Disturbed sleep
– Light sensitivity
– Dark circles under eyes
– Headaches / neck aches / backaches
– Nose picking
– Post-nasal drip
– Coughing
– Nail-biting
– Swollen glands
– Teeth grinding
– Food and environmental sensitivities
– Sugar cravings
– Weight loss (or gain)
– Ravenous appetite (or loss of appetite)
– Digestive complaints (gas, bloating, cramps)
– Pain in the umbilicus
– Persistent skin problems
– Muscle cramps
– Joint pain
– Itchy anus or ears
– Prostatitis
– Elevated eosinophils (white blood cells)
– Granulomas (tumour-like masses that encase destroyed larva or parasites)
– Depressed secretory IgA (an antibody)
– Diarrhoea or constipation
– Bed wetting
– Mucus in stools
– Foul-smelling stools

One of the ingredients called Papain is an enzyme extracted from the green leaves and fruits of the papaya plant. This ingredient improves general gastrointestinal health and it also has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties.


Each capsule contains:
Quassia powder                       30mg
Neem bark                               30mg
Pumpkin seeds                         95mg
Papain                                      30mg
Black Walnut hulls                    60mg
Wormwood                               70mg
Cloves                                      30mg
Aloe Bitters                              15mg
Cascara                                   15mg
Fennel                                      15mg
Other ingredients: Gelatine (Bovine) Capsule


This product contains Walnut. People who are allergic to nuts should avoid this product.


Take 3 capsules twice a day before meals for 3 weeks to get the best results.
Start the course when it is a full moon as the parasites and worms are most active during a full moon.
You will need to do multiple parasite and worm cleanses to get rid of those intestinal worms for good.

This food supplement has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.  This Food Supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You can buy this product online and in-store at Truwellness Centre in Somerset West.

You can also try a Parasite Remover Spray or if you are looking for your pets you can try the Pets Pest Control.


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