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Niacin flush occurs as a temporary side effect after taking higher doses of niacin (vitamin B3) in the form of supplements or prescription medications. Although it may seem like an allergic reaction, it is not. Here are some key points about niacin flush:

  1. What is Niacin Flush?
    • Niacin flush is a flushing of the skin that occurs due to the dilation of blood vessels.
    • It results from how niacin interacts with certain proteins in the skin, leading to increased prostaglandins and blood vessel dilation.
    • The skin on the face and upper body may redden or darken, accompanied by itching, tingling, or a hot sensation.
  2. Symptoms of Niacin Flush:
    • Skin flushing
    • Itching, tingling, or prickly sensations
    • Hot or burning feeling on the skin
    • These symptoms usually clear within 1–2 hours after taking niacin.
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